Anemometer & Anemoscope – HANSHIN HTA-1400

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Anemometer & Anemoscope (HTA-1400)HTA-1400 can be displayed the true anemometer/anemoscope using wind direction/speed sensor, Gyro and speed log sensor that was installed in the vessel.And this system consisted main system and display system. Main system can be connected the sensors of the vessel and automatically calculated the true anemometer/anemoscope and transmit this data to the display system. There are 3 display system can be connected to the main system and Max. 2 remote display system can be connected to the main system. And one display system use the local display system. And display system shows independently the true and relative wind speed and direction in the front panel of the system and this information could be provided with NMEA-0183 format to external equipment.

Anemometer & Anemoscope (HTA-1400)2


1. HWD-400 Indicator
1) Angle Indicate Accuracy : FND Digital indicates 0.1°, LED Analog indicates 10°
2) Operating Temperature range : -25 ~ 70℃
3) Input signal
– Sensor : Wind direction, Wind speed, Speed Log, GYRO Compass
– GYRO Signal : Synchro & Step (1X, 36X, 90X, 180X, 360X)
– Wind Direction : AC 100V Synchro (1X)
– Wind Speed : 0~28V at 60m/sec AC Generator, Encoder(0~1.8kHz at 60m/s)
– Speed Log : 200 or 400 pulse
– Sensor : Wind direction, Wind speed, Speed Log, Gyro Comapss
– NMEA-0183 (IEC 61162-1) standard GPS format (RS-422)
4) Output Signal :
– NMEA-0183 (IEC 61162-1) standard GPS format (RS-422)
☞ Display (J5): $–MWV,x.x,a,x.x,a,A*hh
– Maker Format (RS-422)
☞ Main (J2): $GPHAN, Wind speed min, Wind speed max, Wind speed normal, Heading, Wind direction, Ship’s speed, Wind direction min, Wind direction max, Wind direction true,
Wind speed true normal,Wind speed true min, Wind speed true max, a*hh
ex) $GPHAN : xxx,M,xxx,M,xxx,M,xxx,xxx,R,xx.x,xxx,R,xxx,R,xxx,T,xxx,M,xxx,M,xxx,M,a*hh
5) Power Consumption :
– DC24V (Main Unit 15Wmax, Remote Display 12Wmax )
6) Power Supply : AC220/60Hz/50Hz (or AC110/60Hz/50Hz(Option))
7) External Dimension : 255(W) x 255(H) x 120(D) (Wall type)
8) Net Weight : Approx. 6.7 Kg
9) Color : Munsell no. 4.3PB 3.3/2.0 (Standards, Possible to change on demand)
2. HTR-130 Transmitter
1) Power Supply : DC 24V (from main unit)
2) Direction : 0˚ ~ 359˚ / Step 0.1˚
3) Speed : max 70 m/s
4) Output signal : RS422($WIMWV, NMEA-0183)
5) Material : body-AL. DIE-CAST.
6) Dimmension(W x H x D) : 309 x 510 x 192mm