Antenna Satellite TV & CAS – HANSHIN (HST-045)

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Satellite TV Receiving & Communal Aerial System (HST-045) is designed for watching TV and listening radio satisfactorily in any direction and place at sea, and the satellite TV antenna, omni-directional antenna and whip antenna are made of solid material in consideration of hard marine environment at sea.

The satellite TV & multi-amplifier built in main unit enables to cover Ku band, C band, sky life, AM(MW/SW), FM, VHF, UHF band, adopted AGC(Automatic Gain control) circuit to prevent the rage of weak electromagnetic wave. The satellite TV & omni-directional antenna for TV/FM is compact and capable of receiving signal stably, and watching TV with good image.
The communal aerial system is operated automatically as power on, and manual control is not necessary because AGC level of amplifier unit is adjusted maker’s pre-setting.


1. Power source : AC220V, 50/60Hz
2. Environmental conditions
-Temperature : -25 to 55°C
–  Humidity : Up to 100% @ 40°C
3 Auto stabilized antenna system
1) Angular motion range
– Elevation : 0 to 85°
– Azimuth : 710°
– Roll : ±30°
– Pitch : ±30°
2) Ship motions
– Roll : ±30°/sec periods
– Pitch : ±30°/sec periods
4. Satellite Reception
5. Feed Horn
– Ku band
6. Polarity
– RHCP, LHCP, Horizontal, Vertical
7. Radome dimension(WxHxD, mm) : 500x530x500
8. Weight : 13Kg