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• Pure domestic technology
• Menus on duel languages (English, Korean/servicable to other languages on demand)(incl. the Manual)
• Various lines of products for the satisfaction of the customers
• Global A/S network
• intensified function
· RADAR display overlay
· AIS information display
· NAVTEX and Weather FAX function
· Powerful report printing function(Route Planning, Chart)
· Multi-user interface on LAN configuration
· ECDIS, RADAR, Conning inter-switching function
· Automatic optimum route planning(economical voyage)
• Display
· ENC(S-57), RNC(ARCS), C-MAP(CM-93), TX-90
· RADAR Display, ARPA overlay
· AIS information display(display identified and unidentified symbols)
• Integrated navigation system
· Integrated display and monitoring of (D)GPS, Gyro Compass, RADAR, Speed Log, NAVTEX, Weather Information
• Route Planning
· Planning of waypoints and alternate route
· Specifying prohibited area and safety contour
• Route Monitoring
· Constant and realtime monitoring of ship’s positioning
· Target plotting and monitoring
• Automatic Voyage Recording
· Realtime automatic route recording
• Alarms and Indications
· Automatic alarms and indications of off-track from the planned route or other dangers