Satellite Transceiver – Iridium 9522B

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Smaller and lighter than the 9522A, the 9522B is Iridium’s 2nd-generation satellite transceiver for truly global voice and data communications. The 9522B is ideal for registered Iridium partners who need a satellite transceiver to incorporate into a final Iridium subscriber solution for a specific application or vertical market, such as a maritime voice telephone terminal or a vehicle tracking solution.

Iridium 9522B Satellite Transceiver_photo2_marine_electronicsIt functionally supports all of Iridium’s voice and data services and easily integrates into a wide variety of applications through a RS232 serial interface and AT command set. Available to registered Iridium partners.

The Iridium 9522B is a functional replacement to the Iridium 9522A, although the mechanical design and electrical connectors differ. Connection adaptors are available to enable the Iridium 9522B to be used in place of the Iridium 9522A. A pass-thru connector allows a GPS receiver to use the same antenna as the Iridium 9522B LBT. The Iridium 9522B is approved by the FCC, Industry Canada, and CE, assuming an antenna with a gain of -3dbi . It can be integrated into a variety of Iridium subscriber products, or retrofitted into existing Iridium 9522A-based products.

Tech Specs & Features
Pole-to-pole global coverage
26-pin IDC connector for user interfaces
RS232 serial interface for data and voice applications
SMA RF antenna connector
Enables continuous circuit switched connection
Connects to small omni directional L-band antennas
GPS feed-through connector for shared antenna
Integrated SIM card reader
Enhanced AT command support
DPL bus for control of external peripherals


Length: 6.38 in. (162 mm)
Width: 3.16 in. (81 mm)
Depth: 1.10 in. (28 mm)
Weight (approximate): 0.93 lb (420 g)


Operating temperature range: –30°C to +70°C
Operating humidity range: 25 to 75% RH
Storage temperature range: –40°C to +85°C
Storage humidity range: = 93% RH

RF Interface

Frequency range: 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz
Duplexing method: TDD (Time Domain Duplex)
Oscillator stability: ± 1.5 ppm
Input/output impedance: 50 ohms
Multiplexing method: TDMA/FDMA