Network Service


Significant foreign companies, each with many years of experience in the supply, service and maintenance of marine electronics internationally, have pulled their resources together to form a cohesive International Associates Group.

And this list is growing continuously.

All companies in the group are committed to the service of ships and to respond to service calls 24 hours per day, 365 days a year anywhere a ship may be in need for technical support or certifications. We are in position to satisfy your needs for service, new equipment installation or certificates internationally, through the Marine Electronics SA. In the map following you will see the areas where service arrangements are in place, or where they are in the process of being organized, for your support. In collaboration with all local dealers of JRC ,FURUNO ,LITTON we are able to service ,issue certificates and VDR/SVDR APT to their products.

If you request information, please CLICK on the country where your ship will need to be attended, fill out the CONTACT form and click SEND. Your call will be acted upon and you will be contacted with the utmost haste. If you wish to request an International Service quotation directly, please click here.